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Simply, and sincerely, to help you rise -- from wherever you are today to the top of our profession.


One day a couple of months ago, I took a trip down memory lane, looking back over my career in radio and the very special moments in which something I did produced greater success than I’d ever anticipated.I found that it gave me a great deal of pleasure, no small amount of satisfaction -- and yes, even pride. What stimulated these feelings was first one, then another and another, and finally a whole series of ideas, actions, and lessons I’d learned that turned my radio station and my career into the kind of income that provided years of comfort and security and a rapid climb from rookie radio sales rep to the top of my profession as owner of multiple stations.It didn’t take me long to start jotting down these lessons. What you’re about to dive into when you pick up LIFE AT THE TOP is a culling of “the best of the best” of them. Here’s my promise to you: READ THIS BOOK. IT WON’T TAKE YOU LONG. PICK ANY THREE OF THE 29 IDEAS AND STRATEGIES CONTAINED IN ITS PAGES. START TODAY TO MAKE THEM YOUR OWN -- NOT JUST NOW AND THEN, BUT EVERY DAY. MAKE THEM PART OF YOUR “WOODWORK.” WHEN YOU’VE DONE THAT, PICK UP ON THREE MORE...AND THEN THREE MORE. WHEN YOU’VE MADE EVEN HALF OF THEM PART OF YOUR DAILY PRACTICE, WATCH WHAT HAPPENS! SEE IF YOUR INCOME HASN’T DOUBLED -- YOUR REVENUE HASN’T RISEN TO THE TOP OF YOUR STATION’S SALES TEAM, AND YOUR CONFIDENCE HASN’T GONE THROUGH THE ROOF!IF IT HASN’T SEND ME AN EMAIL AND ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK. I’LL SEND IT TO YOU, EVERY PENNY, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.



    Love is not what it used to be. These days, great numbers of couples live in a basic partnership that is very short on love and affection. Men especially have forgotten or, worse, have never learned how to love a woman. Many men give a diluted form of love to get sex, while women give sex to get love, affection, and attention. It's an exchange that devalues the currency of both love and sex. Yet when both partners just give pure, affectionate love, the sex will come naturally and be the best they have ever had. Men don't realize that they will get back in equal proportions (sometimes more) what they give. Love is an art and a science. Take this book to heart and watch your relationship grow better than it's ever been. It may take a little time before your partner begins to trust that this is a real change and not just a trial, but once trust arrives, look out! The fireworks will never stop, and the more you do it, the more satisfying it gets.


Endoresed by Jason Jennings & Chris Lytle

Gary, I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I'd strongly urge any in radio or considering a career in radio to read and use your book. It provides a real life path to success. 
All the best! 

Jason Jennings
    Business Thought Leader, Best Selling Author

Selling Radio advertising is not for the faint of heart. Gary Ratcliff takes you how to become a successful street fighter. If getting more local direct business that sticks is important to you, then read .....
"Life at the Top."

Chris Lytle

    author of the Accidental Salesperson



I have read your book and it's everything I would want to communicate with my new sales reps. See below what one my future star reps had to say about your book. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be successful in sales. Joe Flynn VP Sales Clear Channel Worcester Ma.

"A novice in the world of radio sales, I was given Gary Ratcliff’s book “Life at the Top,” by my sales manager, to help me get started with my new career. Ratcliff highlights 29 steps to reach the top of the proverbial sales ladder, but for any newbie like me out there, your first step should be to get yourself a copy of this book! This book is filled with snippets of wisdom revealed through Ratcliff’s entertaining personal anecdotes, to which reps at any level in the industry can relate and understand. When I first got into sales, a few of my friends and family members were a little skeptical…but I assured them that radio isn’t a typical product to sell. That is, people don’t necessarily realize the huge impact that radio has on their own lives – whether it’s for purchasing decisions or getting daily news. The great thing about radio is that it’s all about the consumer and in order to get to the consumer, step number one (which Ratcliff appropriately introduces as his first chapter) is to develop rapport with your customer/client – ‘It’s tough, but it’s a fact: 90% of potential customers won’t buy unless and until they’ve developed a Positive First Impression of you – otherwise known as “rapport.”’ Since radio can be such a personal tool, this particular step has been especially helpful for me during my prospecting journey and first few meetings with potential customers/clients. From managing customer expectations to understanding the word “no,” Ratcliff shares some great insight to help motivate (and educate!) radio sales reps to get out there and make more money. …I could go on and on about “Life at the Top,” but I don’t want to ruin the experience for any rep who hasn’t had the pleasure to get their hands on this book. So what are you waiting for? There’s money to be had and opportunities to be seized “at the top!”  

                                                                                                                                                                    -   Joe Flynn

                                                                                                                                                              VP Sales Clear Channel - Worcester, MA


  I have your book Life At The Top and I am implementing many of your great ideas with our small sales staff. BonusingROS for long term clients has already earned us new and repeat business. And we got a huge boost out of a remote at a car dealer's annual car show -- which had lots of built-in traffic. That was a client who had left us and we got him back because of the remote. And landed a bakery by giving away slices of their apple pie with that Chevy dealer's free hot dogs and our local team's baseball tickets.


    Vice President/General Manager at Genesee Media Corporation said:

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